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February 21, 2015
We are one of the only online golf cart part and accessories stores selling golf cart roof racks. We have had the roof racks for E-Z-GO and Club Car golf carts for quite a while. Last year we added the Yamaha Drive roof rack. We are happy to announce that we now have the golf cart roof racks for the Yamaha G22 carts. Click here to take a look.

February 10, 2015
We now carry carburetor and associated parts for your E-Z-GO RXV. Click here to check it out

February 3, 2015
Does your Club Car Precedent have a cracked bumper or rocker panel? Click here to check out everything you need to get it looking great again.

January 29, 2015
E-Z-GO TXT golf carts sometime have issues with the battery tray rusting out. This is typically caused by not keeping the battery acid rinsed off the steel tray. Having a battery fall out of the bottom of your custom cart is not only embarrassing, but can be very dangerous! We are now carrying a bolt-in aluminum battery tray for your E-Z-GO TXT that will safely carry your batteries for years to come. Click here to check out this new upgrade for your E-Z-GO TXT.
E-Z-GO TXT Aluminum Battery Tray

January 27, 2015
We have just added many new golf cart chargers for your E-Z-GO, Club Car, or Yamaha golf cart. Click here to see all of the options including, newly added, rebuilt golf cart chargers. Rebuilt chargers include 36V and 48V Delta Q chargers for your E-Z-GO golf cart and 48V Yamaha golf cart chargers.

January 25, 2015 is proud to announce that we now carry all of the parts to repair your golf cart charger. Click here to take a look at all the parts for Club Car, Yamaha, & E-Z-GO chargers. This category has capacitors, timers, relays, fuses, diodes, heat sinks, rectifiers, ammeters, cords, plugs and receptacles for your golf cart charger. PowerWise, Total Charge, MAC, Lester, and PowerDrive chargers can all be repaired with parts from JGC, including power input boards and control boards.